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New Issue: Excerpt from "Hot-Wiring Your Creative Process" and How to Brand Your Intranet

Tiff Fehr

April 3, 2007 at 4:16 PM

This week, Digital Web is thrilled to feature an excerpt from Curt Cloninger’s newest design book, “Hot-Wiring Your Creative Process”. Excerpted here is Chapter 3, entitled “Four Ways to Bypass Inertia”. Mr. Cloninger offers multiple strategies for overcoming designer's block and lack of inspiration. Every designer runs into stale ideas and habits. “Four Ways to Bypass Inertia” gives us—count ’em—*four* fascinating, unconventional methods to keep a designer's eye fresh and productive.

In addition, this week we also feature Garth A. Buchholz on “Why Your Intranet Needs Its Own Personality”. Intranet design can be a highly contentious project, but Mr. Buchholz helps smooth out the politics by focusing on branding.

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