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New Issue: CSS Positioning 101 and Richard Ishida on Internationalization!

Tiff Fehr

April 16, 2007 at 10:46 PM

This week, Digital Web Magazine is all about keeping tabs on your skills. We're debuting a new column, called “Web Design 101”—the basics every web professional should master, and a great starting place for beginners new to web design and the web standards community. So ask yourself:  Do you have your CSS element positioning down pat? Test out your CSS expertise (or add to your CSS expertise) with Tommy Olsson's Web Design 101: Positioning. The concepts behind the position property in CSS can confound even the best CSS experts. And z-index is a great tool anyone dealing is cross-browser CSS. Get to know them better with our first “Web Design 101” article.

While you're positioning things in CSS like a pro, take a moment to also update yourself on the state of internationalization efforts in the W3C with their resident expert, Richard Ishida. Digital Web Magazine's newest columnist, Huiping Iler, and Mr. Ishida cover the basics of Internationalization that every web professional should keep in mind. International audiences come to our Web sites, so it is important to keep internationalization and the global marketplace on your mind.

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