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Movable Type Version Four dot Oh.

Walker Hamilton

June 5, 2007 at 1:46 PM

Six Apart announced the newest version of Movable Type this morning. As well as plans to open source it, turning Movable Type into a revenue-by-service generator akin to MySQL AB's mySQL. This moves them furthe away from the annoyances they once caused by enforcing licensing when version 3 of MovableType was released.

You know it, you love it, you've seen sites like Seed Magazine completely powered by it.

Let's see if this will help MT regain the ground it has lost over the past two or three years to Wordpress. I'm of the opinion that this won't happen, as MovableType mis-stepped right as blogging was going mainstream, and so has not had the chance to work itself into the view of mainstream bloggers and other non-techies. I myself migrated personal sites from MT to Textpattern long ago. As for enterprise-level blogging, MovableType is a very safe bet. You can get SixApart support for it and ease the bosses minds (you're not using that open-source project with no one to turn to but that community when things go south).

With new features, new interface, and a host of other additions, the new MT four is worth a look-see.

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