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New Issue: Scott Berkun and "The Myths of Innovation"

Tiff Fehr

June 11, 2007 at 10:49 PM

This week's issue of Digital Web Magazine is all about innovation. In connection with Scott Berkun's new book, The Myths of Innovation, we have Five Pertinent Questions for Mr. Berkun, as well as a book review of The Myths of Innovation by yours truly, Tiff Fehr. Mr. Berkun's book is a scintillating summer page-turner for the geek set, exposing the colorful history and messy truths about innovation, and where company-driven innovation goes tragically wrong. Gravity, Apple, Google, Flickr, the metric system…Berkun's The Myths of Innovation has it all! Check out the book and enjoy Mr. Berkun's lively, insightful answers to our five questions.

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