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Leaflets - Blue Flavor takes Web 2.0 to the iPhone

Nick Finck

July 16, 2007 at 12:06 AM

Today Brian Fling and the rest of the crew here at Blue Flavor are pleased to announce the launch of Leaflets. Basically Leaflets is a interface for the iPhone to various Web 2.0 services you know and love. Which services? Well, right now we have Flickr, Upcoming, Delicious, Newsvine to name a few. It also contains tools for accessing traditional media outlets like The New York Times and the latest news about Le Tour de France. Other features include a well designed RSS reader and Search tools for Yahoo, Google, MSN, Wikipedia, and more. Another cool feature is the Apps List where you can browse and access hundreds of applications and services already available for the iPhone. We're going to be updating the site, making changes and adding more new features as time allows, so keep checking back... or just subscribe to the Leaflets feed in your RSS reader on your iPhone. How do you get Leaflets on your iphone? It's simple really, just visit using Safari on the iPhone.

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