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d.Construct 2007 Live: Jared Spool - The Dawning of the Age of Experience

Matthew Pennell

September 7, 2007 at 2:08 AM

Why, with a technically inferior device, did Apple succeed in the MP3 player market? It’s all about the user experience, according to Jared Spool. Companies like Apple and Netflix have built up a previously non-existent business from nothing to market leader in 7 years – with 85% of new Netflix subscribers signing up on the recommendation of an existing user.

Can we translate this knowledge into our own work? The answer is simple – invest in user experience design. Spool’s list of factors that contribute to successful experience design include: Integrating the user and the business; Understanding that it is learned but not open to introspection; Accepting that it is invisible; Investing in people to meet the multi-disciplinary demands of modern design — and it’s something we are still learning how to do.

Oh, and apparently great user experience design is a lot like sexing a chicken. Who knew?

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