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d.Construct 2007 Live: Matt Webb - The Experience Stack

Matthew Pennell

September 7, 2007 at 9:23 AM

Matt Webb, of design consultancy Schulze & Webb, knows lots of long words and isn’t afraid to use them. Conversational Implicature. Positive Interpersonal Emotion. And Adaptive Design, which is the somewhat obscured central point of his talk. “Design is the conscious and intuitive effort to impose meaningful order.” (Victor Papanek)

Webb’s Experience Stack of human factors (tangible, cognitive), interaction (customization, sociality), product (products and people living together), service (the life-cycle), and brand (implicature, or the tendency to find illusory order in what is said), is just one in a series of disconnected slides that bounces from quotes (“Nothing is easier than believing we understand experiences we’ve never had.” – Gwen Bristow; “We assume that the problem is with us, and not with the products we’re trying to use.” – Jonathan Ive) to defining what makes a product (shelf-demonstrable, explainable in a sentence, for an audience, identifiable, measurable, and predictable), to at one point apparently controlling his slides with a Wiimote. A key takeaway is the value of customization to the user experience; options are “lazy design”, whereas customization “bridges the gap between products and people”.


Matthew Pennell

September 10, 2007 at 2:31 AM

Matt’s slides are now online too.

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