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Dojo, Flock go 1.0

Matthew Pennell

November 6, 2007 at 2:20 AM

Both Dojo, the curiously demo-less JavaScript library, and Flock, the “social web browser” with the uninspiring design, have reached the big 1.0 milestone recently.

Both these projects sound great on first reading, but somehow have failed to inspire me to give them more than a cursory glance, and I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has chosen either Dojo or Flock for their day-to-day work and/or play – are they worth a second look now they’re over 1.0?


Joshua Clanton

November 7, 2007 at 1:18 PM

I don’t know about Dojo, but I’ve been using Flock as my primary web browser for several months now, and I find it a bit of a pain to have to use something else.

What’s the main draw? The integration of bookmarking and blogging right into the browser itself. Sure, I could use bookmarklets for bookmarking, but then I wouldn’t get the cool little star indicator that I’ve bookmarked this site before. That’s especially important since I’ve started using to keep track of hundreds of links.

Other than that, it appears a bit cleaner than FireFox does (at least to me) but still has all the power of FireFox extensions (hurrah for Firebug!).


November 11, 2007 at 6:42 AM

I’ve used Dojo over the past few years on a few projects. I have also used JQuery as its forced upon you by Drupal and looked into Prototype, and of these I would say that Dojo has the better of the three architectures. None of the other offer an aspect orient API which alone makes it stand out and which is a tool for building serious frontend applications. It also has a farily serious widget API which kicks butt as well.

I think a lot of the widget demos that these Javascript APIs include are faddy, gimmiky junk that people will look back on in 5 years and roll their eyes at. Dojo did have more of these sorts of demos but the API has been changing so much up until this point they have to be redone. This changing API has also meant their documentation was always all over the place which has made adoption very slow in the developer community. These things look to be righting themselves and the demos are coming back slowly. Their Simple Grid example is also up and quite a useful UI widget

But if you want to see that Dojo is more serious than the rest just look at Open Laszlo which outputs in both Flash and DHTML (via Dojo).

Dojo also has backing from IBM, Sun and AOL to name a few so its going to be around for awhile. Its API for serious developers rather than a collections of scripts for DHTML effects.

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