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Our Thanks to Kerri Hicks, Copy Chief Extraordinaire

Carolyn Wood

November 5, 2007 at 2:41 PM

About a week before I handed in my resignation, Kerri Hicks, Digital Web’s copy chief, had also decided that she needed more hours in her days, and as such, it was time to leave Digital Web. She’s graciously stayed around to put the finishing touches on articles, but tonight marks her last issue.

While Matthew Pennell and I worked with authors and helped them bring articles up to a certain level, we felt secure knowing that the final scrutinizing—down to every letter and nuance—and the final polish would be handled by Kerri.

Kerri isn’t just a master of the English language—certainly key to any copy-editing role—she also knows her technical subjects inside and out. She’s been an active contributor to the web world since 1994, and she’ll continue on in her day job as the senior research programmer in the Scholarly Technology Group at Brown University, building usable, accessible academic research projects on the web. Kerri is one of those people whose list of talents seems limitless. Instead of spending her off-hours making our articles beautiful, she’ll be spending more time on her avocation, making beautiful things with fabric and paper (more about that at Miss You Sew Much, her fun and crafty site). Thank you, Kerri, for contributing your time and talents to the magazine. Your work as an editor (and fact-checker) has been impeccable.

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