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New Issue: Building a Green Business

Tiff Fehr

February 19, 2008 at 9:00 PM

Digital Web is pleased to have Pelago’s John Reeve as a contributor this week, sharing strategies for making your business more environmentally friendly and sustainable in How to Build a Green Business. I like John’s article for its wider point-of-view than the pixels on which we typically focus. Web professionals are all about promoting standards, best practices and generally making the Web a better place. But surely some of that creative, corrective energy could be put into our environments and communities beyond our screens. First, start small by improving your own web use with efforts (some of my favorites) like searching with Blackle, buying a TerraPass for your car, house, flights and business and investing in EnergyStar-compliant computer equipment. Second, read John Reeve’s guide and get to work on giving your business a solid streak of green.

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