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New Issue: Greasemonkey Code Injection & a CodeIgniter Book Review

Tiff Fehr

February 12, 2008 at 10:36 PM

Digital Web is filled with interesting verbs this week, like “ignite” and “grease”. Okay, that’s only two, but they are at the heart of our latest contributions. First, Jeff Rudesyle gives us the grease in Greasemonkey: Code Injection is Bliss. Anyone looking for a primer on user scripting should follow Jeff’s tutorial about writing a greasemonkey script which, in this tutorial, provides monkey-enhanced access to Digital Web’s own topics. Igniting the other half of the issue this week is our faithful columnist Nathan Smith. Nathan reviews CodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application Development. Frameworks for web app development is a hot topic, particularly the effort to put framework-driven development into the hands of mere (programming) mortals. Nathan reviews CodeIgniter, the new book and where PHP could be going by way of ease of development.

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