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SXSW Interactive, Day Two (am)

Matthew Pennell

March 8, 2008 at 10:45 AM

Although there were a couple of introductory panels yesterday afternoon, Saturday is the start of SXSW proper. And the schedule this year is quite simply insane – there are anything up to fifteen(!) simultaneous presentations, panels, and readings at any one time, so choosing what to see can be a near-impossible decision.

For anyone who is here in Austin wondering what to see, my strategy for getting the most out of the week is that whenever faced with a clash between two or more sessions, I’ll try to go for the presentations by individuals over multi-person panels every time — because if you’re here to learn, you want to have someone talk to you, not to their friends. Panels can be great, but too often the complaint I hear from attendees is that: “…they weren’t saying anything that me and my buddies couldn’t have talked about with just as much authority and passion.”

Which is why I’m currently listening to Naz Hamid give his talk, Design is in the Details, and feeling like I may just be a better designer at the end of the session than when I walked in.

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