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SXSW Interactive (day 1)

Nick Finck

March 7, 2008 at 2:37 AM

Today the mass sojourn begins. Geeks from all over the world head to a little town known as Austin for a web conference by the name of South by Southwest Interactive. This year the travel didn’t go so smooth for most of us. Several flights in and out of Dallas were delayed due to snow out of all things. For those of us flying directly into Austin from Denver, Vegas, and other locations travel isn’t so bad. There’s already been several large herds of people going to dinner and then to drinks off 6th street. I myself have been busy hammering away the details on my presentation for Saturday only to take a break for a midnight dinner at the notorious Magnolia Cafe were geek ideas for the next killer apps are discussed and new companies are formed seemingly overnight. Tonight there were few from the web industry at the cafe, my guess is because most of them are still stuck in Dallas. Tomorrow should be pretty exciting and we are hoping for a more insightful blog post summary that goes beyond the weather and travel.

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