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SXSW Interactive, Day Three (am)

Tiff Fehr

March 10, 2008 at 11:30 AM

It seems appropriate to start today’s stormy SXSW Day Three by stealing Matthew’s thunder (har har) at being the only DW staffer actively blogging the conference. I only caught the tail end of Lost in Translation? Top Website Internationalization Lessons. But like most other internationalization-themed panels, articles and conversations, it’s a difficult topic. We can continue to lecture to ourselves about the benefits and strategy of internationalization (and agree with each other across the board), but without business momentum it will remain a rarified field in web design/development.

Matthew and I are currently in Social Networking and Your Brand. Given the collective character of the panelists— Paul Boag of boagworld, Mark Norman Francis of Yahoo! Europe, Jina Bolton of Sushi & Robots, Steve Smith of orderedlist and Steve Ganz of LinkedIn —the panel is very entertaining. But by way of a driving point, it is kind of wandering around. They all agree that in building a professional brand around your name, you really need intent, consistency and honesty to establish an readily recognized online social identity. Outside of that advice, the panel really focused on digital identity damage control and ways to clean up after yourself. Though it must be said that amid the highly social, highly documented events during SXSW, a reminder that public Twitter comments sit against our professionalism is always welcome.

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