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Last Day of SXSW (sad face)

Tiff Fehr

March 11, 2008 at 2:15 PM

I got to a slow start for the last day of SXSW due in no small part to the Great British Booze-up and SXNW I missed the early morning panels, but caught some of Peas in a Pod: Advertising, Monetization and Social Media. After lunch we caught the keynote with game designer Jane McGonigal, speaking on the future and unique engagement benefits of ARGs. It was a really good keynote that caused me to rethink my attitude toward gaming. (I’m glad a female attendee asked Ms. McGonigal on her thoughts about ARG participation versus stereotypes about gamers and general gender differences in gaming habits and styles.)

Currently I’m in Considerations for Scalabale Web Ventures, which is still (thankfully) mostly above my head. I’m simply not the type of developer to want to get into server loads, scalability hardware issues, I/O issues or the like, but it is good to know where the conversation and technologies are headed. The panel is casual but extremely competent with the best scalability advice from flickr, StumbleUpon, Digg, WordPress and Media Temple. For those looking at scalability issues and the best open-source way to put together a hardware framework for web apps, the podcast might be very helpful.

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