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New Issue: Presentations by Lea Alcantara, and We're Naked!

Tiff Fehr

April 8, 2008 at 11:23 PM

If you regularly read Digital Web via our News RSS feed, you might want to hit the site today…because we’re naked! In the spirit of CSS Naked Day, Digital Web has dropped our styles and exposed our underlying markup for all to stare. It seems fitting given our topic this week, because our newest contributor, Lea Alcantara, is all about getting back to basics when it comes to presenting yourself. (Get it? Presentations…naked…okay, fine.) In Presenting: Preparation, Process, and Pizzazz, Lea digs into the most important things to keep in mind about presenting—first and foremost, do you have anything worthwhile to present? Lea shares her recent presentation experience from SXSW and expert tips on keeping your presentation style in line with your personal brand.

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