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New Issue: Ben Ward and Portable Social Networks

Tiff Fehr

July 1, 2008 at 9:27 PM

If you want to annoy web denizens, ask them to join a new social network. It’s the middle of 2008, it’s obvious the web has gone social and there’s no going back. However, recreating a social network person-by-person, click-by-click is already a point of fatigue for most web professionals. Thankfully, some very smart people are working on that problem as fast as they can, with notable progress. Ben Ward joins Digital Web Magazine this week to guide us through distributed social network strategies in Portable Social Networks, The Building Blocks Of A Social Web. If your own projects involve social networking, keep distributed social network standards in mind. Not only does it benefit users, but it also helps solidify identity and credibility on the web.

Secondly, don’t forget we’ll be launching our Web Directions South conference contest soon! Final details are assembled, so check back early next week. We’ll be on break, but I’ll post the specifics about the contest in place of a new issue.

p.s. Um, yes, I accidentally pre-published this news item last night, which astute web readers (and more than a few RSS subscribers) might have caught. Sorry about that. Free sneek peakā€”can I call it that?

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