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Olympic Accessibility

Matthew Pennell

August 22, 2008 at 7:29 AM

Our friends over at AbilityNet have been busy testing the official Beijing Olympics website to see how accessible it is for disabled web users — and though things have improved, they found there were still a number of issues.

AbilityNet’s Judith Garman said: “In this special report we asked disabled users to try out the Beijing Olympics website in our interaction lab. Poor information architecture and a lack of adherence to web standards result in an uneven playing field for disabled sports fans across the world. The Beijing website has clearly been developed with some accessibility principles in mind, however these have been poorly implemented — showing how a purely technical approach to accessibility won’t result in a good user experience.”

You can read more comments, access the full report, and watch clips of the testers on the AbilityNet eNation site.

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