Digital Web Magazine Closes its Doors


As some of our regular readers have guessed, yes it is true. Digital Web Magazine has ceased publication. For the reasons cited in Time To Change, it was clear to us that what we had was no longer working. We called upon both our staff and readers for ideas on what we could change. We received … Read more

Learning Microformats


If you think it’s time to really start gettng to grips with Microformats, then a few new things have just gone online. Roger Costello has a series of pretty in depth tutorials for most major microformats, while at Web Directions North (disclosure, I was one of the organizers and presenters) there were three 1 hour presentations … Read more

Beyond the A-List, Diversity in the Web Community

circle of hands - different - races

The age-old debate about gender diversity at web conference has kicked back into full swing again which spun a wider debate about gender diversity and even ethnicity in the industry as a whole. Here are some recent posts on the topic: Gender Diversity at Web Conferences, The diversity division, On Conferences and Diversity, Diverse It Gets, Why are smart people … Read more

Top Five Articles for Presenters


As someone who helps co-organize WebVisions every year and with my experience in speaking at conferences (not that I am an expert at it) I am often asked for advice on presenting at conferences. There are thousands of sites out there that provide information for doing presentations, some really great ones… but there are a handful of … Read more

Win a Free Ticket to Web Directions North!


Win a full pass to Web Directions North, in Vancouver, Canada, February 6-10, 2007. Web Directions North features top-notch speakers including Dave Shea, Doug Bowman, Veerle Pieters, Andy Clarke, Cameron Moll, Kelly Goto, Jeremy Keith, Dan Cederholm, Derek Featherstone, John Allsopp, and many more. Making the gathering even cooler, the conference is followed by two days of optional … Read more

Got Gmail?


I am sure you have seen the Gmail invites going around (If not, check out whitespace, dezwozhere, jluster, minjungkim, widgetopia, wholelottanothing, and about 100 other sites). Well, just because it’s the trendy thing to do these days: I have seven, yes seven (7) Gmail invites to give away. So instead of doing some kind of contest, I would like to do … Read more

Pricing a Web Project


Brian Fling (full disclosure: one of my business partners) at Blue Flavor has authored an excellent post on Pricing a Project. If you are a freelance web professional or even if you work in a small company where you are asked to price out the project, this is a post you can’t afford to not read. Also, if … Read more

Is Web 2.0 dead, for real?


While several people are just beginning to understand what “Web 2.0” is, others who have been working within the realm of it are now beginning to say it’s dead. Does Thomas Vander Wal have a great post entitled Web 2.0 Dead? explaining this in more detail in response to Richard MacManus’s post Web 2.0 is dead. R.I.P.. … Read more

Microsoft to take RSS five steps backwards


So today at Gnomedex Microsoft will be announcing extended support for RSS. Read that carefully, we’re not talking about better support for RSS, we’re talking about an extension to RSS. They want to be able to do e-commerce via RSS. Yes, you read that correctly. The last thing we need now is yet another fork … Read more

Microsoft to take RSS Five Steps Backwards


So today at Gnomedex Microsoft will be announcing extended support for RSS. Read that carefully, we’re not talk about better support for RSS, we’re talking about an extension to RSS. They want to be able to do e-commerce via RSS. Yes, you read that correctly. The last thing we need now is yet another fork in … Read more

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics


Ok, I mostly just wanted to use that for a blog entry title, but it is an important issue. A lot of people rely on stats for their web sites (see the posts over at Karl Nelson’s site), but more often than not, the stats are a far cry from even the best guess. Tim Bray … Read more

Misinformation about the IE7 announcement


As many of you may already know during his keynote address at the RSA conference, Bill Gates announced that Microsoft will be releasing a new beta version of Internet Explorer 7.0 for XP SP2 this summer. Going off only official news there seems to be some misinformation already circulating. As we understand it there won’t be any … Read more

Top 10 Web Companies to Work For


Recently I gathered feedback from several experts within the web industry and asked them to give me their top 10 favorite web companies to work for. There is no criteria here as to who does and who does not qualify. They can be sole proprietorships or large multi-national corporations. They can be an army of … Read more

The $ and Sense of IT


In the beginning, business approach to technology was one of cautious scepticism. Before any new technology was adopted be it the telegraph, the telephone, or a computer system, business needed to ensure that the technology would have a positive impact on their bottom line. During the later part of the 20th century, businesses lost sight … Read more

Ten things your web sites should be doing


Rather than posting about my web predictions for 2005 or rambling off a list of products or tools you must have, etc. I have decided that this year I will post a list of things you should have or be doing on your web site or Intranet. After all, we are living in a modern … Read more

Firefox Takes First Place


Since the browser stats that we posted in October seemed to raise a lot of eyebrows. Well, while checking my browser stats out this month I was pretty shocked at the results. I think you will have to see this to believe it. First, go read the October post and then contrast that to these current stats: … Read more

A Matter of Styles


Until recently, cascading style sheets (CSS) were the most tragically hip technology available online. Touted as the way to create page layouts by, well, the folks that wrote the specification, style sheets were long denied any serious consideration in corporate development environments. Poor browser support stranded CSS in the “isn’t that nice” realm of Web development, a technology … Read more

Favorite Color


Cameron Adams is holding a survey that he hopes will settle the dispute about whether designers are really any different from man walking down a street. He explains more in his post Designers vs. The Real World: Favorite color. If you are a designer or even if you are not a designer go and take the … Read more

Giving Credit


There is something to be said about the lack of credit blogs and community news sites give to their sources. Make no mistake, Digital Web Magazine is a firm believer in the code of Weblog Ethics and follows those guidelines religiously. What is very interesting is the number of blogs and sites out there who clearly gathered … Read more

The ROI of Web Standards


Following Doug Bowman’s post on Throwing Tables Out the Window, Richard Rutter has taken to task Real life savings through Web standards. This is very reminiscent of Keith Robinson’s post on Web Standards ROI this last June. Shirley Kaiser also voiced in with her comments recently. Doug followed up his post with a post on Projected Savings. For the record, I never had … Read more

Serif vs. San-Serif


There is one rule in web design that we have stated many times before only to debate it and debate it again. We even went so far as to prove it and then defined it. I must admit serif typefaces look a lot better on a Mac with its aliasing, but that is about it… it looks better, it doesn’t perform better. We … Read more

Written Content To Keep the Content Contented


con·tent (kOn-tent) 1. n. The subject matter of a written work, such as a book or magazine. Often used in the plural. The substantive or meaningful part: “The brain is hungry not for method but for content, especially content which contains generalizations that are powerful, precise, and explicit” (Frederick Turner). 2. (kon-tEnt) adj. Desiring no more than what one has; … Read more