Dave Shea

Dave Shea Got something to say? Share your comments on this topic with other web professionals In: Interviews By Meryl K. Evans Published on February 23, 2005 Digital Web: Can’t have this interview without this question you’ve answered so many times: How did you come up with CSS Zen Garden? Dave Shea: At some point … Read more

Douglas Bowman


Douglas Bowman Got something to say? Share your comments on this topic with other web professionals In: Interviews By Craig Saila Published on March 18, 2004 This interview was conducted just prior to the start of the 2004 SXSW Interactive Festival – Ed. Digital Web: You’re now widely known as Web design expert, but some … Read more

News : June 2002

News : June 2002 Eddie Traversa tells us that he is sponsoring the Life is But A Dream Contest, a Web site building contest ($/files/includes/10.css00 US first prize) based on XHTML standards. All entries must conform to either a XHTML 1.0 strict DTD, XHTML 1.1 DTD or alternatively can use an XML Schema. Check it … Read more

News : June 2003

News : June 2003 Great minds think alike. Peter J. Bogaards (yes, that Peter) has decided to launch his own business, BogieLand which will focus on Information Design and Information Architecture. As for myself? I will neither confirm or deny any entrepreneurial endeavors during this harsh economy. June 30, 2003 at 6:/files/includes/10.css PM Nick Finck … Read more

An interview with Chris Hofmann

By Craig Saila Clearing Up the Confusion Change Is Good What The Future Holds Clearing Up the Confusion Digital Web: There seems to be some confusion over the future path of the various Mozilla Foundation products. (An interview with Christopher Blizzard suggested the Mozilla Application Suite will remain, but the Mozilla Firebird browser and Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client will become the primary products … Read more


An interview with Joe Clark By Craig Saila Accessibility in general Techniques Captioning Accessibility in general Digital Web: “Accessibility” is now part of the Web development community’s lingua franca. However, it’s often used as shorthand to mean making a site function for blind people. How would you define it, in the Web development context? Joe Clark: I … Read more


An interview with Jeffrey Veen By Craig Saila Digital Web: In your keynote at WebVisions 2003, you’ll be discussing ways designers can still innovate within the current economic environment. You’ve just come back from Milan, Italy, where you did an Adaptive Path workshop on the topic. Are Web designers there experiencing similar hurdles as those in North America? … Read more


An interview with Dr. Jakob Nielsen, usability expert By Meryl K. Evans and Nick Finck Then and Now Companies, Clients, CEOs, and Cost Usability Attitudes Then and Now Digital Web: What surprised you while doing recent studies on Web site usability? Dr. Jakob Nielsen: Probably the most surprising recent finding came in our study of the usability of Web-based applications … Read more


An interview with Peter Merholz and Nathan Shedroff on User-Centered Design By Meryl K. Evans Understanding UCD Business of UCD The Process Understanding UCD Digital Web: What is user-centered design (UCD)? What are its benefits? Problems? Peter Merholz: Contrary to common wisdom, user-centered design is not a process, but a philosophy. User-centered design requires the inclusion of a … Read more


An interview with Steven Champeon and Shirley Kaiser of the Web Standards Project (WaSP) By Meryl K. Evans Current Climate Get Real with Standards Compliance Current Climate Digital Web: Just prior to ending Phase I, the WaSP announced that the browser makers were finally up to standards and that the rest of the work for supporting client-side standards … Read more


An interview with Jeffrey Veen and Jesse James Garrett of Adaptive Path By Meryl K. Evans Information Architecture Design Concepts & Usability Adaptive Path Forward Information Architecture Digital Web: This question has been asked many times and we would be in trouble if we don’t ask. How do you define Information Architecture (IA)? What does it encompass? … Read more


Derek Powazek explains the power of community By Nick Finck Digital Web: Derek, first I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer our questions for this interview. As always it is a pleasure to “hear” a storyteller like yourself tell his story. For our readers, could you tell us about your background and how you … Read more