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Blue Flavor was approached by Tipped’s founder Joel Brazil to not only design, but build (from the ground up) this fabulous social application.

A challenging social design, custom Ruby on Rails development and a very interesting and compelling mobile component made Tipped one of our largest and most challenging projects to date. We’re very excited to see it go live and wish Joel and team all the best.

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Focus on what we excel at.

Never promise to do what you cannot do exceptionally well. Refer to others that can.

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Web design and development is what we do. In that we recognize that the experience of actual people is key when it comes to technology.

We’re passionate and hard working experts who can design solutions that are easier for real people to use. We get technology, but we speak people.

Get to know our people and what we can do for you and your people.

From the Blog

Flavlets 10/5

Webkit, AKA Safari, now supports web fonts. I thought this had died out a long time ago.

Get your field guide to the people of the northwest. Pretty funny and sometimes spot on.

I’m a designer. Use me better. A must-read for all designers.

Designer Andy Clarke put together an international group of visual designers and developers to work together to help W3C’s CSS Working Group to deliver the tools that designers need. He calls the group the CSS Eleven, and Blue Flavor’s Jeff Croft is on the roster.

A judge has allowed a class-action lawsuit against Target with regard to the accessibility of their website.

Business week has a nice compilation of designs schools and an evaluation of where they think design is headed.

Web Credible has a nice list of usability guidelines for websites on mobile devices.

Mark Pilgrim makes some great points about iPhone and people who keep hacking it. Hey, there’s always Leaflets.

Speaking of Leaflets, our web-based applications for iPhone got a mention in this month’s MacLife magazine, in their 25 iPhone Power Tips piece.

Quite possibly the geekiest T-shirt ever.

Radiohead lets you decide how much to pay for their upcoming album Rainbows. Yes, you can even pay nothing.

Just for fun, random thoughts during a conference call. Via Corey

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