Got Gmail?

I am sure you have seen the Gmail invites going around (If not, check out whitespacedezwozherejlusterminjungkimwidgetopiawholelottanothing, and about 100 other sites). Well, just because it’s the trendy thing to do these days: I have seven, yes seven (7) Gmail invites to give away. So instead of doing some kind of contest, I would like to do a scavenger hunt. Yes, that’s right, a virtual scavenger hunt to be exact. Your results can be sent to me via the feedback page. Do NOT post your findings in the comments as we want to keep this as fair as possible. With that said, here is what I need:

– The cost in USDs of a 1 year (Group A) Professional membership at AIfIA.
– The URL for the canard launching art.
– The first and last name of the animator and illustrator that “boxes with jewels.”
– Who said, “I fall more and more in love with this tool every day.” and about what.
– The names of Ernest Kim’s former and current employer.
– The title of chapter 10 of Christina Wodtke’s last book.
– The year in which my current employer founded their company.
– The name of the person who came up with “WordPress”
– The total length in inches of a medium-sized clip-n-seal.
– The current URL for Veen Diagram.
– The date of Jeffrey Zeldman’s birthday.
– The first year WebVisions was held.
– What the “D” stands for in D. Keith Robinson.
– The difference in numbered pages between the 1st and 2nd edition of the Polar Bear book.
– The keynote of the first WebVisions and approximate room temperature.