Jonathan Snook

Jonathan Snook

Former Columnist

Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Web Developer and Consultant
Personal Web site/Portfolio:
Memorable Quotes:
“Anything is possible. It’s just a matter of how much time or how much money.”

Digital Web Articles

  1. Powering the Web with HTTP

    Published on June 28, 2005

  2. Variable Scope for New Programmers

    Published on October 17, 2005

  3. Web Presentation Patterns

    Published on January 23, 2006

  4. Internationalization Primer

    Published on June 5, 2006

  5. Objectifying JavaScript

    Published on September 18, 2006

  6. Excerpt: Accelerated DOM Scripting with Ajax, APIs and Libraries

    Published on October 22, 2007

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Digital Web Interviews

  1. Interview: Sidebar Creative

    Published on September 24, 2007