Visibone Javascript Card / Javascript Foldouts

Visibone Javascript Card / Javascript Foldouts

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By Jesse Nieminen

Published on December 3, 2002

Web designers and developers are used to reading multiple books to keep their skills sharp. The reference materials that help the developer or designer are often gargantuan and expensive, and the need to thumb through dense volumes in order to obtain needed information and apply it doesn’t rate high on anyone’s list of enjoyable activities.

Enter Visibone. This company gives developers well-designed references that are compact and easy to use. Its new JavaScript card and JavaScript foldouts provide a catalog of facts about JavaScript components, use, and compatibility for programmers who already know how to use the language. In other words, don’t expect to buy this product and suddenly “know JavaScript.”

The card and the foldouts contain the same information, but each has its advantages. Both are durable, attractive, and color-coded accordiing to content. The information design is ingenious. The uses of a listed item are easily ascertained at a glance.

the 4 panel visibone javascript card

The card is a 4-page letter-size booklet, with all of the information set in 6-point type and crammed in tight. The foldouts are separated by sections: JavaScript Language, Document Object Model, and Regular Expressions.

the visibone javascript foldouts The /files/includes/print.cssing on the foldouts is considerably larger than on the card, so those who have challenges reading small text may prefer to use them instead.

It’s easier to keep one’s place with the card, but if you need to share the information with a team of programmers, the foldouts might be a better choice.

Visibone claims its products will give you “most of the JavaScript answers you’ll ever need.” I am no JavaScript guru myself, but the information looks fairly comprehensive. If you are comfortable with JavaScript, these should be great references to help fill in the blanks without having pull the books from the shelf. If you are learning JavaScript, the range of information should make a good study aid.

Count on these materials to be updated periodically as JavaScript evolves and cross browser compatibility concerns fall by the wayside. The Visibone Web site also contains supplemental technical information that’s kept updated.

At only US$/files/includes/10.css for either the card or the set of foldouts, it’s a great deal to have this much information in a small package. If you are a JavaScript programmer and have all of this stuff ingrained in your memory, I salute you. For the rest of us, these references should be a great help.

Visibone Javascript Card / Javascript Foldouts
US $/files/includes/10.css each

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