People we met at SXSW 2004

People we met at SXSW 2004

Nick Finck

March 18, 2004 at 2:49 PM

Ok, rather than just posting a standard list of names and links to people I have met, I have decided to give everyone a title of sorts. The titles were developed and given based on a complicated algorithm using darts, sticky notes and newspaper clippings. Without further delay, here is the list, enjoy:

Most anticipated meeting: D. Keith Robinson
Most overdue meeting: Nick Bradbury
Best dressed: Anitra Pavka
Most currently freelancing: Dan Cederholm
Best height: Christopher Schmitt
Best icons: Josh Williams
Best Photographer: Matt Mullenweg
Best creative director glasses: Doug Bowman
Best thinker: Tantek Celik
Best new look for the year: Allison Headley
Most universal business card: Matt May
Best smart-aleck: Simon Willison
Most blind-sighted by Keith: Mark Trammell
Most known but never met: Brian Alvey
Most modest: Dave Shea
Best new face: Kimberly Blessing
Most Illusive: Michael Schmidt
2nd most illusive: Adam Greenfield
Best quasi-suite: Justin Hall
Most independent: Matt Haughey
Best conversationalist: Molly E. Holzschlag
Best Father: Eric A. Meyer
Best Couple: Heather Hesketh & Steve Champeon
Most networked: Hugh W. Forrest
Best vacation shirt: Ian Lloyd
Most happy: James McNally
Best pitcher: Jason Fried
Most informative: Jeffrey Veen
Best Style: Lance Arthur
Best short chat: Susan Kaup (AKA Sooz)
Most on time: Mike Wasylik
Best hat: Leonard Lin
Best bling bling: Jish
Best advocate: Jay Allen
Most inspirational: Kevin Smokler
Best hair: John Halcyon Styn
Best branding: Min Jung Kim
Busiest Person: Anil Dash
Best lurker: Nikolai Nolan
Most friendly: Kevin Wen
Best use of creative text: Ethan Marcotte
Most out of control: Jonas Luster
Best airport conversation: Yvonne Adams
Best greeting: Michael Buffington
Best napper: Wes Felter
Best stealth photo: Jane Wells
Most seen, never met: Craig Newmark
Most regret not meeting: Biz Stone

Did I meet you but you are not on the list? Let me know and I will add you as soon as I have time. Of course, donating some cash would help speed up the process.