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We Speak People

Sure, design for Web and mobile is what we do, but we recognize that the experience of actual people is central to success.

We’re passionate and hard working experts who help our clients make their technology easier for people to use. We get technology, but we speak people.

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News & Events

Designing for Mobile Workshop
Join me on July 20 at Webvisions 2006 for my Designing for Mobile workshop. I will help you get mobile, the basic landscape, the differences of the various solutions both from a business and technical level as well as some samples uses and techniques.

In this workshop you’ll learn the fundamentals of mobile and how to get started bringing your designs down to size. Seats are limited, so register early.

Stay for the rest of the conference and learn about Designing for Lifestyle from Kelly Goto, How to Mobilize your Web Content from mFoundry, and all about the different capabilities of Mobile Devices, from David Adams

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From A Blue Flavored Blog

Design and partnership
Over the years I’ve learned that design is rarely, if ever, done solo.

At Blue Flavor we believe in building strong relationships with the people we work with and while at times it can be trying, the best work is done when everyone involved is engaged, constantly communicating and working as a team.

We try to work with our clients. We want to form partnerships. I believe that (among a few other things) a great partnership is built on three core ideals: trust, compromise and responsibility. Those three things are essential to setting up a design partnership for success and, in turn, getting to the best possible design.

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