New Issue of Digital Web Magazine (redesign)

Nick Finck

May 13, 2004 at 13:30:00 PM

Ok, things this week are going to be a little bit different for everyone including you, our readers. First, yes we have a new issue out entitled The Transformation of an Industry, but even more interesting is that today marks the eight anniversary of our domain. To celebrate we thought we would dress up in a nice new look for the years ahead. That’s right, the long awaited and long over-due redesign has finally launched. This is by no means solely my handy work. I was fortunate enough to have one of the best web teams a person could hope for. Thanks to Christina Wodtke‘s draft IA blueprint and Didier Hilhorst‘s excellent design we were able to create a site that was not only designed well but also architected well. Thanks to Craig Saila‘s great CSS and XHTML handywork and Cal Henderson‘s awesome programming skills we are able to have a system that is database driven and template based, no more hand-coding static pages. But all this wouldn’t be worth the effort if it wasn’t for people like Rudy LimebackPaul ScrivensKeith Robinson, and Krista Stevens for helping us publish great articles week after week. Thank you, you are all rockstars in my book.