Firefox takes first place

Nick Finck

November 14, 2004 at 6:52 PM

Since the browser stats that we posted in October seemed to raise a lot of eyebrows. Well, while checking my browser stats out this month I was pretty shocked at the results. I think you will have to see this to believe it. First, go read the October post and then contrast that to these current stats:

Browser Session %
Firefox 34.25%
Internet Explorer 32.11%
Mozilla 18.98%
Opera 6.20%
Safari 5.76%
Netscape 1.96%
Konqueror 0.55%
Camino 0.18%

One of the most amazing parts about the stats is not shown here. Of that 34.25% for Firefox you see here, 67.05% is for version 1.0 which only released just days ago. Feel free to add your site’s status in the comments.