Top Five Articles for Presenters

Nick Finck

February 17, 2007 at 12:00 PM

As someone who helps co-organize WebVisions every year and with my experience in speaking at conferences (not that I am an expert at it) I am often asked for advice on presenting at conferences.

There are thousands of sites out there that provide information for doing presentations, some really great ones… but there are a handful of well written and to-the-point articles that I feel shine brighter than the rest and are much more useful. So I have compiled my top five list of best articles for presenters. Here they are in order:


    1. Seven Steps to Better Presentations by Jeff Veen


    1. How To Give A Great Presentation by D. Keith Robinson


    1. How to Get a Standing Ovation by Guy Kawasaki


    1. Better Beginnings: how to start a presentation, book, article… by Kathy Sierra


    1. The Problem With Presentations by Doc Searls



If you have come across some very useful articles or blog posts about presenting at conferences you feel should be shared with the rest of our readers please add a comment and let us know.