This week : Time To Change

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Time To Change

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It’s the end of the year; a time for nostalgia and looking back on the past year. Nick Finck, Digital Web Magazine’s founder and publisher, recalls where we’ve been, what we’ve achieved, and discusses the potential for dramatic change in where we are going as a publication. This is your chance to influence the future structure and focus of Digital Web. Read more

Published on December 11, 2008

Nick Finck


The landscape of web writing has changed. The value of well-edited and reviewed content is giving way to faster, less-refined posts on blogs, comments, and services like Twitter, and it is clear that many writers prefer to draw traffic to their own sites.

— Nick Finck. Read more

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Is The Web Really Helping Us Find New Music?

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With exactly one month to go until Christmas, Digital Web Magazine is changing pace for our last article of 2008. Tempers have flared in recent weeks over our coverage of idiosyncratic CSS techniques, so we thought we’d look at something completely different—finding new music online. For many developers, their passion for great music runs nearly as high as their passion for semantic code; Chris Wright takes a look at how the current crop of online music tools might be failing us. This article also marks something of an experiment for Digital Web: opinion-driven editorial content, rather than our normal expert advice-led columns. Let us know what you think of our first, an editorial on the value of editorial… Read more

Published on November 25, 2008

Chris Wright



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With every web developer or agency worth their salt releasing a web application these days, it was inevitable that attention would eventually turn to how best to manage CSS within a modern MVC framework. Steve Heffernan pairs stylesheets with REST principles to present a new approach to CSS architecture. Read more

Published on November 18, 2008

Steve Heffernan


Are Accessibility Statements Useful?

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Leona Tomlinson is back for a second article, detailing where accessibility statements fit into Web sites today. Read more

Published on November 12, 2008

Leona Tomlinson

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Review: Website Optimization

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Is your website firing on all cylinders? We take a look at a book that has a little something for everyone, from marketers to developers, to help you polish your pages. Andrew Stevens returns to Digital Web to review Website Optimization. Read more

Published on November 11, 2008

Andrew Stevens


Extract: Know Your Site

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In this extract from his forthcoming book, the Website Owner’s Manual, Paul Boag takes a look at some of the simple things you can do to gain a fuller understanding of how your website is performing, both for your users and in a broader sense. Read more

Published on November 4, 2008

Paul Boag


Interview: Aarron Walter

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This week, Digital Web’s own Nick Finck sat down with the Web Standards Project’s Aarron Walter, to talk education, findability, and the path to lasting happiness. Read more

Published on October 28, 2008

Nick Finck


Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong

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Digital Web running a provocative article on CSS techniques? Shurely shome mishtake! In this extract from the forthcoming Sitepoint book of the same name, Rachel Andrew explains how you can use tables for layout in modern web design with a clean conscience. Read more

Published on October 21, 2008

Rachel Andrew

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