Giving Credit

There is something to be said about the lack of credit blogs and community news sites give to their sources. Make no mistake, Digital Web Magazine is a firm believer in the code of Weblog Ethics and follows those guidelines religiously. What is very interesting is the number of blogs and sites out there who clearly gathered there information from one source yet never mention, credit, or otherwise show any form of recognition for the source in which they were received. You will notice that we have covered this before and even shown how it can aid in the findability of information. It makes me wonder why credit isn’t given, even if the source is not the original source. Perhaps there is a fear that others will discover that the content isn’t original? Maybe they fear traffic will shift from their sites to the source’s site? Anyway, these people know full well who they are and I encourage them to give credit where credit is due. After all, someone spent their hard earned time to find that information, it would be only fair to give them credit. Oh, and for the record, I am not talking about just material used from Digital Web Magazine, I am talking about material used from all sites and blogs.