Information Architecture for the People

Information Architecture has evolved from an emerging discipline to an important aspect of the Joshua Kaufmanwebsite design process. No longer trying to define itself in every spare moment, information architecture is now more driven by its performance in the business world. In Information Architecture for the People, Joshua Kaufman will discuss the topics that are most relevant to current web design professionals including empowering tools and techniques, information architecture and business strategy, and emerging ideas with the field. It wouldn’t be Information Architecture for the People without your ideas, feedback and insight so please join the discussion today!

  1. Information Architecture as an Extension of Web Design

    Published on February 17, 2005

  2. Getting IA Done, Part I

    Published on June 6, 2005

  3. Getting IA Done, Part II

    Published on August 22, 2005

  4. Practical Usability Testing

    Published on February 13, 2006